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The general public and all those interested in studying at the University of the Witwatersrand, WITS are hereby informed that the list of Undergraduate courses offered at the institution has been listed in the article and can be found below. For information on the postgraduate programmes, please visit Wits University Postgraduate Courses

Wits has five faculties, made up of 33 schools, offering 3416 courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Below are the details of the various undergraduate courses offered at Wits University:


This faculty offers high-standard educational programmes that equip people with business, management, and legal skills while supporting their professional development.

It offers a wide range of undergraduate qualifications through the:

  • School of Accountancy
  • School of Economics and Finance
  • School of  Business Sciences
  • School of Law
  • Wits Plus Centre for Part-Time Studies

The programmes include the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) with flexible major combinations, and more specialized degrees, like:

BCom – Accounting; This is a three-year full-time Accounting programme that includes compulsory courses.

BAccSc – Accounting Science; The three-year full-time Bachelor of Accounting Studies programme includes four core areas of study which are Management, Accounting and Finance, Financial Accounting and Auditing and Taxation.

BCom – Applied Development Economics; This is a three-year full-time programme.

BCom – Insurance and Risk Management

BCom part-time (Wits Plus); This takes 4-6 years. Note: Part-time students receive the same qualifications as full-time students at Wits.

BCom – BCom part-time with Law(Wits Plus); In this programme, students will be studying towards a BCom degree with Law as one of the majors instead of another BCom course. It takes 4-6 years.

BcconsSc – Economic Science; This is a three-year full-time degree programme that has majors in Economics and Mathematical Science

BCom – Economics(3 years, full-time)

BCom Finance(3 years, full-time)

BCom – Human Resource Management(3 years, full-time)

BCom – Information Systems(3 years, full-time)

BCom with Law – Law; This programme helps those that are interested in business but also want a background in law. It is a three-year full-time programme.

LLB – Bachelor of Law(2-4 years, full-time)

BCom – Management(3 years, full-time)

BCom – Marketing(3 years, full-time)

BCom – Politics, Philosophy and Economics(PPE); 3 years, full-time.


Wits Undergraduate Courses 2023




The degrees offered in this faculty address South Africa’s social, spatial and infrastructural needs. It consists of seven schools:

  • Architecture and Planning
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Construction Economics and Management
  • Electrical and Information Engineering
  • Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering

It also offers a vast range of undergraduate programmes including;

BSc (Eng) – Aeronautical Engineering(4 years, full-time)

BAS – Architectural Studies(3 years, full-time)

BEngSc (BME) – Biomedical Engineering(3 years, full-time): In this programme, candidates apply engineering and other quantitative sciences to solving medical and biological problems, such as, developing sophisticated X-ray imaging systems, artificial organs, image recognition systems, and medical devices, and provides a quantitative understanding of disease processes.

BSc (Eng) – BSc Engineering part-time (Wits Plus)(4 years, part-time): The first two (2) years of the Wits Engineering degree are offered at Wits Plus over a period of four (4) years. After completion of these two years, students need to move to full-time study to complete the remainder of the degree (another 2 years).

BSc (Eng) – Chemical Engineering(4 years, full-time)

BSc (Eng) – Civil Engineering(4 years, full-time)

BSc (CS) – Construction Studies(3 years, full-time): The School of Construction Economics and Management offers professionally recognized qualifications in construction management, property studies, and quantity surveying.

BEngSc (Digital Arts) – Digital Arts(3 years, full-time)

BSc (Eng) – Electrical Engineering(4 years, full-time)

BSc (Eng) – Industrial Engineering(4 years, full-time)

BSc (Eng) – Information Engineering(4 years, full-time): This degree focuses on Software Engineering, Telecommunications, and Computer Networking.

BSc (Eng) – Mechanical Engineering(4 years, full-time)

BSc (Eng) – Metallurgy and Materials Engineering(4 years, full-time)

BSc (Eng) – Mining Engineering(4 years, full-time)

BSc (CS) – Property Studies(3 years, full-time)

BSc (URP) – Urban and Regional Planning(3 years, full-time)



The Faculty of Humanities offers an extensive range of programmes, some of which are vocationally oriented, while others are theory and research-oriented. Some of the undergraduate programmes are:

B Audiology – Audiology(4 years, full-time)

BA – BA General(3 years, full-time)

BA Digital Arts – Game Design(4 years, full-time)

BA – BA part-time (Wits Plus)(4-6 years, part-time): The Wits Plus Bachelor of Arts degree is focused on the Social Sciences, one of the most exciting areas of study at the University. Note that part-time students receive the same qualification as full-time students at Wits.

BA – BA part-time with Law (Wits Plus)(4-6 years, part-time)

BA – BA part-time with Law (Wits Plus)(4 years, full-time)

BAFA – Fine Arts(4 years, full-time): This programme combines fine art studio practice with academic study in Art History, Theory, and Criticism.

BEd – Bachelor of Education: Foundation Phase Teaching(4 years, full-time)

BEd – Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching(4 years, full-time)

BA with Law – Law(3 years, full-time)

BMus – Music(4 years, full-time)

BEd – Bachelor of Education in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training(4 years, full-time)

B Social Work – Social Work(4 years, full-time)

B Speech – Speech-Language Pathology(4 years, full-time)

BA – Theatre and Performance(4 years, full-time)



The Faculty of Health Sciences has an outstanding international reputation and many of our graduates are leaders in their fields, both in South Africa and worldwide.

The degrees offered are:

BHSc – Biokinetics(3 years, full-time)

BHSc – Biomedical Sciences(3 years, full-time)

BCMP – Clinical Medical Practice(3 years, full-time)

BDS – Dental Science(5 years, full-time)

BHSc – Health Systems Sciences(3 years, full-time)

MBBCh – Medicine and Surgery(6 years, full-time)

BNurs – Nursing(4 years, full-time)

BSc (OT) – Occupational Therapy(4 years, full-time)

BOHSc – Oral Health Sciences(3 years, full-time)

BPharm – Pharmacy(4 years, full-time)

BSC(Physiotherapy) – Physiotherapy(4 years, full-time)



There are nine Schools in the Faculty, clustered into four groupings:

  • Mathematical Sciences: Actuarial Sciences; Computational and Applied Mathematics; Computer Science; Mathematics; Mathematics of Finance; Mathematical Sciences
  • Physical Science: Physical Science; Chemistry with Chemical Engineering; Material Science; Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Earth Sciences: Geography and Archaeology; Geospatial Science; Geological Science
  • Biological Sciences: Biodiversity; Ecology and Conservation; Organismal Biology; Applied Bioinformatics; Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Genetics and Development Biology; Microbiology and Biotechnology

The programme consists of more specialized degrees like;

BSc – Actuarial Science(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Applied Bioinformatics(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Archaeology( 1 year, full-time)

BSc – Astronomy and Astrophysics(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Biochemistry and Cell Biology(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Biodiversity(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Bachelor of Science(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Chemistry(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Chemistry with Chemical Engineering(3 years, full-time): This includes two degrees in five years; BSc Chemistry(3 years), BEng Chemical Engineering(2 years).

BSc – Computational and Applied Mathematics(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Computer Science(3 years, full-time)

BSc – Computer Science part-time(Wits-plus)(4-6 years, part-time)

For details on the other programmes in this faculty, visit https://www.wits.ac.za/undergraduate/academic-programmes/faculty-of-science/




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