Stellenbosch University, SUN has made available online the details on the accommodation application processes and can be accessible through this post. If you want to apply to study at the institution, please visit SUN Undergraduate Programmes to view the degrees offered.

Stellenbosch University can accommodate about 6 500 students in approximately 31 university residences and other university accommodation on the Stellenbosch Campus. The five residences on the Tygerberg Campus, where the Faculty of Health Sciences is situated, house a further 1 000 students.

The Stellenbosch University, SUN Online Residence Applications form for 2022/2023 academic session is now available.

SUN Accommodation Application


The Application forms for accommodation at SUN can be obtained at the admissions office or online through the link below;

Note: NSFAS only covers the cost of Wits accredited accommodation.



Below are the steps on how to apply for residence placement:

  • Residence applications form part of the general application for admission to Stellenbosch University (SUN).Visit to apply online.
  • Residence applications close on 31 July in the year preceding registration. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider late applications so please make sure that you meet this deadline.
  • Place in residence is limited and subject to a selection process. Applications for a place in residence exceed that which we can accommodate. This is why we cannot guarantee that you will receive place in a residence or a place in a
    residence of your choice.
  • Remember, to be considered for residence placement, you need to be admitted to a programme at the University. If your first study choice is subject to extensive selection (such as a programme in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences), you may indicate a second choice as well. In this way, you will still be considered for residence placement, even if you are not accepted for your first study choice.
  • Students who are admitted to the programme BAgric (Elsenburg), a programme at the Business School (Bellville campus), a Telematics Education (Distance Learning) programme or selected for MBChB, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Dietetics (including late selections at the beginning of the academic year) do not stay in residence on Stellenbosch campus.
  • If the University selects you for MBChB, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Dietetics, you will apply for residence placement on Tygerberg campus, which is situated some 45 km from Stellenbosch campus.
  • Residence placements on Tygerberg campus only occur once the selection process has been finalized.
  • Please note: Place in a Stellenbosch residence does not guarantee a place in a Tygerberg residence.
  • BAgric (Elsenburg) students apply for residence placement at Elsenburg, where the programme is offered.
  • Students who register at the University for subjects or modules that do not lead to the awarding of a fully-fledged qualification also do not qualify for place in a residence.
  • Special or short course students, as well as students who obtain admission to the SciMathUS programme, are not accommodated in a University residence.
  • Students who are registered as full-time students at the University who also work full time in the same year and are paid for said work may not use University accommodation.
  • The placement process will be finalized by 31 October. By that time, you should know whether or not you have received place in residence. If your application was unsuccessful, we will confirm this after 31 October.

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